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For Golfers

Do you want to:

  • Lower your scores?
  • Focus your practice sessions where it counts?
  • Enjoy practicing your short game?

Our short game training kit is the answer. How many times have you been told to practice your short game? And, how many times have you tried but found it too boring? That is why we created the Short Game Training Kit and our other ParKit skill-based practice games.

Short Game Training Kit

ParKit's Short Game Training Kit is designed for individual golfers who are serious about lowering their scores.

The Kit, based on ParKit's "Book of Fun Golf Practice Drills," contains 12 great practice drills made into fun games for putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play.

These games will have you spending more practice time around the green, honing your short game skills and having fun.

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Cow Pasture Pool

Everyone loves ParKit's fun practice games, and now you don't need to wait for golf class or camp to play them with your family or friends.

Cow Pasture Pool is a putting game for two or more players. With many similarities to billiards, Cow Pasture Pool helps develop many critical golf and putting skills, including distance control, aim, green reading, etiquette, strategy, and risk-reward thinking in planning for future shots.

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21 or Bust

21 or Bust is a great putting game for one or more players. 21 or Bust helps develop directional control, distance control, green reading, game strategy, and mathematical thinking.

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