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For Professionals

PGA Professionals and Golf Instructors


Do you want to:

  • Energize your teaching program?
  • Make your lessons fun?
  • Keep your students coming back for more?
  • Attract attention - and new students - to your classes?

Our training kits do all that and more. Think of each as a toolkit that gives you all of the props needed to play 100's of fun practice games. All you need is your imagination... and ours. We show you how to set up and play 25 great games. Once you do, you will quickly think of many ways to customize and add new games to suit your needs.

As a serious golfer, you probably grew up learning golf with a friend or two, making up fun practice games to challenge each other. We have taken that concept to a new and professional level by designing games based on the fundamental skills needed for all aspects of golf. Our games provide students with the challenge and motivation needed to practice and hone their golf skills, all while having fun.

As a teaching professional or instructor, you know the value of junior classes and camps to your facility, the community, and golfing families. Our fun and educational games will energize your teaching program and help you attract new students.


For a brief overview of the Professional Junior Training Kit please watch the video below.

Training Kits


The "Professional Junior Training Kit," has been enhanced with 25 new games and new ways to play the old favorite games. The original "camp in a bag" was named one of the three "Best New Products" at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show.

Based on our new ParKit "Encyclopedia of Fun Golf Games," the Kit contains everything needed to play 50 great practice games covering putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, and full swing.

The games also help build fundamental principles such as etiquette, respect, listening skills, game strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

In most cases we say that a kit is sufficient to teach a group of 8-10 students. However, some of the games may be played with 20 or more, depending on how they are grouped into teams.

At our own teaching facility, where we have 14 teaching professionals and multiple simultaneous classes daily, we each use a kit to ensure that we always have the tools we need to make our classes interesting.

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Retail Products

Some of the games featured in our kits have proven so popular with our students that we have created separate retail game products for them. These products provide you with an additional revenue-generating opportunity. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and terms.

Let's face it... most golfers could improve their scores significantly by practicing their short game. But, spending hours doing drills around the green is boring. We have the answer!

Our Short Game Training Kit is the perfect solution for your serious students who want to lower their scores. We've created fun games out of boring drills; published them in an easy to understand book, and packaged them with all of the props needed to play them.

Your students will love these games, and will find themselves spending much more time honing their short game skills!

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Cow Pasture Pool is one of the most popular games in our Professional Junior Training Kit, and kids want to play it every day (not just in your golf classes).

The game is available as a stand-alone package with wholesale pricing for retail in your pro shop.

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21 or Bust is another hit game contained in both our Professional Junior Training Kit and our Short Game Kit. Our students love the challenge of scoring through the wickets, and yours will too!

The game is available as a stand-alone package with wholesale pricing for retail in your pro shop.

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